Are you looking to add your children on title to start planning your estate? Title transfer can be a useful tool in early estate planning and many other circumstances. We are able to amend title and advise on the land transfer tax consequences.


Legal Fees


Title transfer may be required in different circumstances. You may be separating from your spouse or transferring assets to your kids. At Qureshi Law, we have optimized the title transfer workflow to create a seamless experience for our clients. 

Onboarding Meeting

During our meeting, we will discuss the reasons for, goals of, as well as tax and mortgage implications of the proposed title transfer. We will advise you the best strategy for achieving your long-term goals, be that early estate planning or simply gifting the property you own.

Closing Preparation

Once we finalized the transfer strategy, we review title and prepare the documents to be signed for the transfer to be completed. If there is a party coming off title, Independent Legal Advice (ILA) will be required.

Title Transfer Date

When all the documents have been signed, the transfer can be registered. A copy of the registered transfer will be provided to each party once available.


Land Transfer Tax is based on the consideration value of the transfer. If consideration value is $0.00, there will be no tax payable.

If there is a mortgage on the title and a portion of the mortgage is being assumed by a person coming on the title, the consideration value will be the percentage of the outstanding mortgage amount proportionate to the equity share that is being transferred to the person coming on.

On the other hand, there are exemptions for the payment of the land transfer tax, for example, transfers between spouses.

Use our tool to calculate Land Transfer Tax

This depends on the nature of the transfer. If a person is disposing of their interest in the property, Independent Legal Advice will be required.

Yes. Make sure to provide a copy of the separation agreement to your lawyer to review and complete the transfer accordingly.


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