Many of the Real Estate transactions in Ontario require more than one lawyer to be completed. Our expert lawyers are happy to provide you with Independent Legal Advice when you need it.

All prices are subject to change

$ 350

*plus applicable taxes and disbursement fees


Independent legal advice may be required in any real estate transaction. Obtaining Independent Legal advice will ensure that you understand the documents you are signing and give you peace of mind in the future. We always go an extra mile to make sure your interest is protected throughout the whole process.

Onboarding Meeting

Once you have the documents required to be reviewed with a lawyer ready, you can start looking for a lawyer to retain to provide you with Independent Legal Advice. During our onboarding meeting, we discuss every step of the deal to ensure that everything is completed up to your standard.

Review And Signing Meeting

We will go through every aspect of the document that you need to sign to make sure that you have a full understanding of what you are signing. When the document is executed, we will send it to the party who requested it from you.

Notarization Meeting

Additionally, if you require any documents to be notarized, we are able to offer you that service as well. Simply get in touch with us to discuss the number of documents to be notarized for an accurate quote.


Independent Legal Advice (ILA) is required to make sure that the person signing the documents has full understanding of what they are executing. ILA is a helpful tool for anyone to ask questions and express concerns about a transaction that they are completing. For example, if you are purchasing a property with someone and you have a question about something, if you ask the lawyer who is mutually representing you and the other party, the question will have to be disclosed to the other party on the file. However, your ILA lawyer is only representing you and will not disclose any private information to anyone.

Yes, at Qureshi Law we take full advantage of the available technology. All documents can be signed and reviewed virtually.

No! Never sign anything that you do not understand. Seek Independent Legal Advice to make sure that the content of the document is clear to you before you sign.


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